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Looking to send money overseas? We make international money transfers fast, secure, and affordable. Get a quote today and see how much you can save compared to your bank. Whether you need in-store convenience with Western Union or competitive rates for larger transfers, we've got you covered.


Transfer money abroad quickly and securely with us.

  • Choose between Western Union for smaller transfers or RIA Money Transfer for larger transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.
  • Send money to over 200 countries and territories, guaranteeing your recipient receives the funds wherever they are in the world.
  • We support over 130 currencies, allowing you to find the most competitive exchange rate for your transfer needs.
Country Currency Send money to
Europe Euros Send money to Europe
USA US Dollars Send money to the USA
Australia Australian Dollars Send money to Australia
Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev Send money to Bulgaria
Canada Canadian Dollars Send money to Canada
Czech Republic Czech Koruna Send money to Czech Republic
New Zealand New Zealand Dollars Send money to New Zealand
Poland Polish Zloty Send money to Poland
Japan Japanese Yen Send money to Japan
The United Arab Emirates UAE Dirhams Send money to the UAE

Money Transfer Services

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Western Union money transfer is an easy, fast, secure service available in our stores.

Send and receive money with Western Union

  • 127A, High Street North East Ham, London, E6 1HZ
  • 30, Westfield Stratford City Montfichet Road, London, United Kingdom, E20 1EJ

Visit us in-store the next time you need to send money abroad.

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Send and receive money internationally with ease using RIA Money Transfer at Travel Cashier. Competitive rates, fast transfers, and convenient locations.

Send and Receive Money Worldwide with RIA Money Transfer

  • Travel Cashier - Your convenient and reliable partner for RIA Money Transfer.
  • Locations you trust: Send and receive money through RIA at all Travel Cashier branches.

Skip the hassle and send or receive money internationally with ease using RIA Money Transfer at Travel Cashier. Visit us next time you need a secure and reliable money transfer service.

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